Anthropological Interests

Catastrophe, Disease & Disaster, Violence, Trauma
Violence, Crisis, Trauma, Resilience, Salutogenesis
Self-Reflexive Anthropology, Anthropology and Art
Artistic presentation (forms of knowledge transfer), Experiential Anthropology, Sound
Representation and Concealment, Identity and Space / Place
Construction and Perception of Landscape and Built Environment. Identity-politics and Landscaping. Making of Virtual Space.


Present Absentees | Anwesende Abwesende

Project on discursive and material production of presence and absence in Israel. Based on ethnographic field-research 2004 – 2008
„landscape is never innocent or natural. it is always constructed. the perception of landscape itself follows certain discoursive channels, which in turn present the temporary result of power negotiations as the “natural order” of things.“
I focus on the urban development of Jaffa in the years 2004 – 2010 to describe how presence and absence is created by discoursive as well as material strategies – and by what tactics individual actors and groups act in resistance to these processes.
Present Absentees | M.A.Thesis @Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology | Institut für Ethnologie (IfE), FU Berlin. 2012 (table of content)
jaffa | 2006 | photography Marie-Jolin Köster jaffa4

Jaffa : absent : present

Photographies | Tel-Aviv / Jaffa | 2006
reflections on presence and absence in Jaffa


Collaborative Storytelling @CargoCasa //
In this workshop participants are invited to explore the art of collaborative narration to create stories based on (auto-)ethnographic inquiry. A dialog between different perspectives, multiple voices speaking in different tongues, accents, rhythms and registers opens a space of negotiation about concepts or experiences that are meaningful to us. By the use of non-linear narration and metaphoric language as well as images, objects, sound and the body we create and combine multiple perspectives on the art of narration, which we explore together as a group.
workshop by Marie-Jolin Koester @contagiarte // 14., 15. and 16. September 2010 //3-5pm
overview of workshops at contagiarte (PDF //Portuguese)