Imagined spaces. 2013

Imagined spaces : windows

Imagined spaces (1) : windows – tracing the course of a dancing session about „imagined spaces“ – workshop in contemporary dance. Berlin

Küssen und Fallen. drawings. 2011

Küssen und Fallen | Marie-Jolin Köster | 2011rope | Marie-Jolin Köster | 2011

tenses. relational grammar. 2010

„manchen gelingt unter diesem druck die schöpfung einer neuen, besserern welt. sie überwinden die armselige realität und vervielfachen sich in ihrer paradiesischen privatwirklichkeit.“
a project about the semantics of multiple relationships. trying to trace the development of polyamorous relations and the complexity of social networks.

-selected drawings-

gravity. painting. 2009

Little Disturbances | Painting | Marie-Jolin Köster

mixed media on canvas. 5 x 1.5 m. //commissioned work. //Muenster Dec.2009

little disturbances. drawings. 2008/09

falling asleepkikis in box with petfalling asleep 2

project about the effects of gravity on the human body, about sensual navigation in space and the personal experience of the affinity to the floor.
-selected drawings-

Safe Space. Exhibition. 2008

exhibition of texts with photos @gender*d*rama 2008
statthaus böcklerpark.

Katja von Helldorffs photographies show some of her performances in Buenos Aires. My texts reflect poetically on the nature of performance and its potential to create safe spaces.

„there were bats in trees with aerial roots. birds and berries.
people clothed their cars in rags and nurtured their dreams with milk and honey.
a raid.
violence penetrates the private space.
supposedly i broke a contract that i have never signed.“

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