Becoming Animal | Project in Progress…

animal transformation. mix. in. between. storytelling
listen to becoming animal | music by lucky dragons

„I’m on lions feet. i can catch you. if i want to. i can scratch. if i want to.
i can present you my throat. i’m not afraid.
i can place my fragilities on a silverplate for you.
and still be faster.“

Cargocasa Artist Residency. Porto, Portugal. 2010

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utopia wall projection cargo casa // contagiarte, porto

utopia wall

The Terror of Falling

Performance @ CARGOTOPIA festival. // with Anke Kalk

The Terror of Falling | Performance Anke Kalk and Marie-Jolin KoesterThe Terror of Falling | Performance Anke Kalk and Marie-Jolin KoesterThe Terror of Falling | Performance Anke Kalk and Marie-Jolin KoesterThe Terror of Falling | Performance Anke Kalk and Marie-Jolin Koester

about falling around, falling into, falling prey to, falling down and missing the ground.
about atterrissage, passement, franchissement, laché and equilibre.
„the terror of falling is not the earth rushing up, smiling and effusive, to embrace you.
Nor it is the fear of impact.
It is this sense of betrayal, as you arch earthwards like a shooting star,
and look down to see that there’s no one there waiting to catch you.“

listen to „the terror of falling“

Utopia Wall

Wallpainting and improvised shadow-play

Shadow Performance Cargocasa ImprovisationCrane: Shadow Performance Cargocasa | Marie-Jolin KoesterShadow Performance Cargocasa Artist ResidencyShadowperformance CargocasaCargocasa Shadow Performance | Marie-Jolin Koester | Videostill

Images are projected onto one exterior wall of „Contagiarte“. The emerging picture of light is copied onto the wall leaving a permanent marker of a transient space-time-act. A dialogic movement of embedding takes place, as the projection of the artists utopic imagery extends the walls‘ unidimensional surface into a three-dimensional space: The landscape is found on trespassers‘ bodies, while at the same time their presence in the real space penetrates the utopic scenery as people, objects, cut-outs and materials exposed to the light find themselves as shadows on the wall.
A seductive play with binary oppositions that urges to construct a third space between – – –
here and there, transient and permanent, inside and outside, presence and absence, virtual utopia and a concrete wall.

wallpainting. anke kalk & marie-jolin koester
13 to 20 September 2010 @CONTAGIARTE porto. portugal


Dom Luis Bridge. Porto. September 2010
Elsensteg. Berlin. August 2010

putting myself under a bridge, on a trapeze, above the water.
to be suspended, dangling, depending, hanging down, flying, swinging in unusual space, measuring the distance between me and the water, assessing my size, estimating the wind, appraising the setting of the sun.
sharing space with aerials.-

*birding* in Berlin

Video Screening. Kunstfilmtag Düsseldorf. 2010

Video „Against the Day“
Berlin. 2009 | music by lady and bird
Screening on Kunstfilmtag. Düsseldorf. 2010.
„a wonderfully awkward dance about love“ : : Kunstfilmtag 2010 Catalogue

„Do you want to come with me maybe?“
„Will you be nice to me, bird?
Yeah, you’re always nice to me ‚cause you’re my friend.“
„I try. But sometimes I make mistakes.“

Against the Day | Videostill | Marie-Jolin Koester

Against the Day | Videostill | Marie-Jolin Koester

Performances – selected –

Solo and Group Performances since 2006
Including Performance, Sound, Installation, Video.

Zwischenraum. Neuburg | 2009

Schloss Neuburg. private booking. Neuburg. Germany

two aerial performers, suspended between ground and sky, seeking adequate proximity.
a performance conceptualized as improvised movement between six frozen positions paired with music and spoken words
about love as a spatial encounter.

Überraschungseffekt. Public Speech for Sharon Hayes. Frankfurt/Main | 2009

playingthecity @Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt/Main, Germany
sharon hayes //text, concept, performance (english)
marie-jolin koester //speech-performance (german)

“Das Militär hat vor drei Tagen bekannt gegeben, dass wir eine kombinierte Methode brauchen,
um die finanziellen Kriege und die bewaffneten Kriege unter Kontrolle zu bekommen,
und ich habe meine Tabellen und Karten neu geordnet, um die Kosten gegen die Leichen aufzurechnen.
Aber als ich einen Schritt zurückgetreten bin, um meine Wände zu betrachten, haben dort alle Linien nach unten gezeigt
und meine Sehnsucht nach Dir wurde immer unkontollierbarer.”

Falling down the road. Instanbul | 2007

solo-performance about the impact of traumatic violence and the urge to create a language. @GalataPerform, Istanbul, Turkey
marie-jolin koester //audio-collage, text, video and performance
apjiw | music
“they sit besides the pool, where her daughter learns to swim.
small hands pull on big hands. lips open and close. a satellite passes by.
far too fast. far too far.
it’s on its own ride, and she’s down here, just pointing to see where it had gone.”

listen to falling down the road performance audio track – short version

“the streets were full of guns.
we lived in the offbeat of their footsteps.
our hearts‘ beat to the rhythm of their soles.
the world just kept turning and turning according to their pace.”

listen to living in the offbeat

Fallen ist eine Kunst. Lärz | 2007

Staged as 3×2 min interceptions of Aurora Kellermanns story of Eva, I conceptualized the falling as an art of its own.
The narration consists of found plain-crash survival tips and texts by astronauts and parachuters.
eva+ @ at.tension. Theaterfestival. Kulturkosmos Lärz | 2007
with Aurora Kellermann, Mark Fischer and Sebastian Mähler.

By tilting forwards and putting your hands at your sides, you can modify your pitch and make progress not just vertically but horizontally as well.
Remember that you are the pilot and your body is the vehicle.

Wild Things. Berlin | 2006

Schattentheater mit Hörstück auf dem Hoffest der Grüni, Berlin | 2006 Mit Lydia Hamann und Katja von Helldorff.

„Und diese ganzen Bullen. an jeder Ecke steht einer. und diese ganzen Bullen. Sie gucken, Sie reden: Polizei.
und an jeder Ecke Bullen. Bullen in den Strassen. Bullen in den Köpfen von Menschen.”

conceptualized impro shadow theatre combined with music and collaborative narration about state -violence